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At Solasta we are passionate about quality –  for the quality of the product we replace your natural lens with and the quality of life after your operation.

Alcon is the largest eye care device company in the world. Alcon operate in the ophthalmic surgical and vision care markets, which are large, dynamic and growing. A global leader in quality and leading the way with real-world clinical data.

Alcon has a large choice of dioptres for all your visual requirements and can provide toric and multi-focal (Pan Optic) lenses too.

Our world class facilities use Alcon’s machines and consumables - a comprehensive portfolio of superb products.

For any further information, our team will talk you through it in your consultations.

Alcon® has been helping people see better since 1947 and Alcon’s intraocular lenses (IOL) for cataract surgery are the most widely implanted lenses in the world.

Since 1994, over 100 million people have had their sight restored and improved with an Alcon IOL.

Solasta Healthcare use Alcon’s UltraSert®  for their cataract patients.

This is Alcon’s most trusted and most widely implanted AcrySof® brand lens that is preloaded into a delivery system for your surgeon to use.

Preloading means there is a lower risk of damage to the lens through handling and manual loading and also the added confidence of absolute sterility as the lens is never exposed to the air.

This makes the procedure more efficient and smoother for your surgical team, helping to make your surgery straightforward and even a little shorter.

You should aim to have your eyes tested every two years to spot symptoms of cataracts early.


The AcrySof platform range of lenses from Alcon have been specifically designed to improved visual clarity and image quality after cataract surgery.

All lenses have a UV filter contained within the material for ocular protection but your surgeon may also recommend a model with an additional blue light filter that may assist in protecting the eye from the effects of exposure to harmful short wavelength light.

Last year, following an audit of the National Ophthalmology Database, The Royal College of Ophthalmologists published a report titled ‘Feasibility study of Post-cataract Capsule Opacification 2021”.

This was the largest ever audit of cataract procedures; more than 600k procedures carried out by over 2.5k surgeons were reviewed.

The data considered Posterior Capsular Opacification (PCO) to identify factors that influence variance in rates.

The data suggests a strong association between the intraocular lens (IOL) used and PCO rates.

Finally, of all available cataract replacement lenses available today, AcrySof’s unique design and lens material have been proven to have the lowest rates of post-operative complications.

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Patient Reviews


A very welcoming and helpful staff, the procedure its self was easy and painless. Such a professional service from making initial appointment right through to after care. I was looked after very well from the first interview until my check up. Thank you.


Polite and professional staff, equipment and surgeons was excellent. Thank you Solasta Healthcare. Very happy.


I had a lens implant and cataracts removed in one eye. Excellent, friendly and yet very professional service from the first phone call to walking out with treatment complete. Very good experience.


I attended Solasta in Omagh for a cataract procedure I was looked after at all times by very helpful staff. From my initial consultations to the after care everyone was professional, friendly and very informative. My biggest concern was seeing what was going on but you see nothing. I had no pain during or after my surgery and my eyesight is amazing both distance and reading. I would highly recommend Solasta Healthcare.


Solasta were great the whole way through. The staff at Omagh were particularly helpful in fitting me in and understood the special circumstances. The reception, testing and operation staff were all excellent. The operation was really straightforward.


I chose Solasta Healthcare as they were highly recommended to me. I had cataract surgery four weeks ago. From my initial consolations to the after care everyone was professional, friendly and very informative. I had no pain during or after my surgery and my eyesight is excellent. I would highly recommend Solasta Healthcare.


Lovely staff and service made us feel very welcome which reassures you if you are a bit nervous. I would certainly recommend this company thank you dermy also the lovely surgeon


Spotless facilities, helpful, professional staff. Fantastic results from my treatment for my cataract.


Attended for cataract removal what an amazing professional and friendly group of staff.
I was looked after by Dermy lovely guy, the consultant was a gentleman in fact every member of staff was was excellent.
I could never have imagined what a brilliant difference this procedure as made, 20/20 vision is my best way to describe it can't wait for my other eye to be done.


Absolutely fantastic staff from receptionist to pre-operative assessment team I was very nervous but all the staff were very reassuring. I would like to thank all the staff and especially the surgeon for explaining about the surgery for making my eye sight clear and I did not feel anything. Thank you all for your wonderful care


I had my surgery with Solasta Healthcare. A very good service from beginning to end. Reception staff friendly, medical staff very nice and professional. Entire duration of cataract removal appointment was an hour and a half, pain free procedure and family member allowed to stay with you right up until entering operation room. Excellent